The Future of Housing: Embracing Duplex Living

Duplexes have long been a staple in housing, offering dual occupancy within a single building. However, their significance has amplified in recent years, aligning perfectly with the global shift towards sustainability. These interconnected homes present a paradigm shift in urban living, offering a host of benefits:

1. Space Optimisation: Duplexes maximise land use, providing two separate (usually attached) dwellings on a single lot, thereby optimising space and helping to address urban density challenges. Architects are forced to explore creative solutions to ensure every square metre is placed where its needed most. This yields very little wasted space, and with the right design strategy, can feel like a completely detached and spacious home.

2. Energy Efficiency: Duplexes inherently conserve energy, reducing heating and cooling requirements compared to separate structures & larger spaces due to volume considerations alone. If built with energy consumption in mind, it can also become a self-sufficient dwelling with the right product, design & technology considerations.

3. Cost-Effective: Shared construction costs & efficiencies across two dwellings means duplexes are a cost-effective option for homeowners/investors.

4. Community-Centric: The design encourages a sense of community, fostering relationships between residents while maintaining individual privacy. Duplexes also serve as a great multi-generational style living typology.

Pictured- Low-energy Duplex on a Hillside by MWArchitekten in Austria. (Link)

Eco-Friendly Duplexes: Pioneering Sustainable Living

The crux of the matter lies in duplexes that are planned and designed responsibly. We believe in weaving sustainability into the very fabric of all Architecture, especially duplexes. Here’s how we go about it:

1. Passive Design: Implementing passive design principles allows us to harness natural elements like sunlight and airflow to minimise energy consumption, create comfort and enhance well-being.

2. High-Quality Insulation: By using top-tier insulation materials, we ensure optimal temperature regulation, reducing the need for constant heating or cooling. With a raft of great insulation materials & products, there are expanding opportunities to capitalise on the insulation properties of a home.

3. Energy-Efficient Systems & technology: From solar panels to energy-efficient appliances, we integrate high quality systems that drastically cut down on energy usage and increase health & comfort.

4. Air tightness- High air tightness not only enhances energy efficiency but also contributes to better indoor air quality by minimising the entry of pollutants, allergens, and outdoor contaminants, fostering a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

5. Material & fitting Selection: Options like low-VOC paints and 5 or 6-star WELS rated tap fittings. Opting for sustainable, locally sourced materials reduces environmental impact, although accessibility might pose challenges based on location & supply.

Leading the Way: Arkhaus’s Passivhaus Duplex Model in Sydney

At Arkhaus, we’re not just proponents of innovation, we’re trendsetters. We always have been. Our team is diligently crafting a cutting-edge Passivhaus duplex model here in Sydney. This model encapsulates our commitment to sustainability and innovation, incorporating the latest advancements in eco-conscious architecture.

To learn more about the future of housing and green initiatives, here are a couple of handy references:
– Australian Passivhaus Association
– Green Building Council Australia
– Your Home Website

Join us on our journey towards sustainable living through eco-friendly duplexes, homes, and architecture. Together, we’re helping to reshape the future of housing—one innovative & beautiful design at a time.

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