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Arkhaus specialises in minimalist, practical and exquisitely designed spaces with a focus on residential architecture.

Creating tranquil architecture, where natural elements
flawlessly blend, providing occupants not just with
serene surroundings but also a haven for mental
rejuvenation and inner peace.
Crafting eco-friendly structures through sustainable
design strategies, shaping a greener, more sustainable
future with thoughtful architectural practices at the
Committed to personalised experiences, guiding
each client seamlessly from design to construction,
ensuring a unique and tailored journey for every

Design isn’t confined by trends; it’s a timeless language echoing the essence of an era.


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Arkhaus is more than Architecture; it’s a force for a better world through design and relationships.

01.  Feasibility & Compliance reviewFeasibility study by Arkhaus Architects

Feasibility studies to assess the viability of your project.

02.  Schematic Design & ExplorationSchematic Design by Arkhaus Architects

Exploring form & function through Schematic Design.

03.  Council Application LodgementDevelopment Application & Planning permit by Arkhaus Architects

Documentation package prepared & coordinated for application lodgement.

04.  Construction CertificationConstruction Certificate & Complying Development Application by Arkhaus Architects

Approved plans are developed ready for certification.

05.  Complying Development & Res-code ApplicationConstruction Certificate & Complying Development Application by Arkhaus Architects

Design and documentation in line with the Exempt & Complying Development Code.

06.  Construction DocumentationConstruction Documentation by Arkhaus Architects

Plans are detailed and prepared for construction.

07.  Interior Design exploration & packageInterior Design Package by Arkhaus Architects

Exploring of Interior Design concepts and development towards specification.

08.  Construction Services & SupportConstruction & Tender Services by Arkhaus Architects

Services to help support you and your builder through construction.

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Innovative design, timeless Architecture.


/ People

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

Fernando from Arkhaus Studio
Fernando BanalesDirector & Founder

Since starting his career in architecture in the 90s, Fernando began in large-scale commercial projects, alongside his university studies.

Over time, his path led him to embrace the more interconnected residential realm, where he now channels his expertise and passion.

Evan from Arkhaus Studio
Evan NguyenStudio Director & Nominated Architect (NSW-11281, VIC 800152)

Evan’s fine arts background shapes his design ethos, merging function and beauty.

A decade honing his craft in residential architecture, Evan excels in crafting spaces beyond mere utility.

Florence from Arkhaus Studio
Florence ZhuProject Leader

Masters of Architecture student, passionate about sustainable living, redefining space interaction. Excited by green building materials, she fuels our innovative design pursuits. Embracing our studio culture, she’s a beacon of positivity.

Jason from Arkhaus Studio
Jason HwangProject Leader

Jason, an ARKHAUS graduate, delves deeper into architecture and construction, driven by his passion for creativity. Using his skills to bring buildings to life fills him with excitement.

Ioannis from Arkhaus Studio
Ioannis KarmaniolosRegistered Architect & Project Lead

With expertise in architecture, construction management, and design, he meticulously oversees projects from inception to completion, ensuring thorough attention before advancing to production.

Zara KingStudio Manager

A portrait photographer by trade, Zara is known for her ability to make anyone feel instantly at home and her love of creativity in all forms. Dedicated to teaching photography and donating her time and skills through multiple charities, her compassion and empathy helps add the heart to the studio.


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Exploring design frontiers, one blog.


Great architects and lovely people to deal with. Arkhaus has assisted us with several developments over the years and we can definitely recommend them.

Matthew K

Arkhaus did a great job translating my requirements into an complete vision! The design responded well to the budgetary constraints whilst not compromising the overall design vision. The plans produced by Arkhaus have received rave reviews from everyone I have shown them to, with the level of documentation and detail being excellent.

Ben Geyer

It has been a pleasure to work with Fernando and the team at Arkhaus. Creative, patient, knowledgeable, friendly, accommodating, turning our vision into a masterpiece.
From the start, we could not have been happier with the team at Arkhaus and would highly recommend.

Grant Reddy


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Connecting visions, lets build together.


    Rosebery- NSW 2018

    Black Rock- VIC 3193



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